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    Various textile brands of iho home textiles

    2020-04-16 16:11 96

    From initial acquisition of wild ge, hemp, silk and so on, using the hunt animals and birds hairiness, rub, performance, weaving, woven to humble simple cloth, to late gradually learned ZhongMa cable strand, raising sheep take Mao Heyu silkworm cocoons artificial production of textile materials, such as textile production by means of more tools, textiles gradually began to appear beautiful decorative pattern, color, and administered to eventually return to nature, advocating environmental protection first and textiles in the natural cycle of more and more mature.


    With the continuous development of the economy and the expansion of the application of textiles, people's requirements for textiles are also getting higher and higher. The traditional market mainly focuses on the aspects of fabrics, patterns and so on to meet the needs of the majority of people in the textile products on the body to keep out the cold.As a new emerging show in the home textile industry, PNT, in line with the market positioning of respect for nature, gratitude for nature, and feedback to nature, has found a new way. It is no longer limited to the pursuit of a single goal of home textile for the quality of life needed by people, but to dig deeper into the real needs of people's hearts.

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