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    Tie-in proposal

    2020-04-16 16:13 192

    Since 2012, home textile channels have blossomed into a hundred flowers, from the original stores, shopping malls, professional wholesale market derivatives to wechat business, e-commerce, custom, network independent platform, in the personalized home textile demand is deepening, how to meet the rapid channel demand, to meet consumer demand has become the industry's first choice.


    The essence of the commodity is the product, the demand for channel characteristics, the demand for publicity, and the demand for consumers' personality must be generated around the product. In today's increasingly refined division of labor in the industry, a large number of OEM manufacturers are born immediately.


    It can be said that each product field has professional manufacturers, and then subdivide into more supply chain manufacturers, a four-piece set of craft, fabric, accessories, zipper, washing, tag, packaging, sewing, stitching, ironing, cutting each piece is subdivided into a more professional market, division of labor cooperation, perfect presentation.


    So how do you pick the right OEM


    1. Choose the right manufacturer scale


    Suitable is the best, according to its order size and delivery time requirements, for example, the size of 100 or so people may not be very suitable for the order with little quantity, high process requirements.


    2, choose the right manufacturer positioning


    Mature OEM chamber of commerce has a positioning for itself, high and low grade do which piece, generally will not exist what can do the manufacturers, the need for field investigation to avoid miscalculation.


    3. Communicate the business philosophy of manufacturers


    In the short term, manufacturers' positioning and selection, manufacturers' development needs, to match their own body, after all, frequent supplier change is not desirable.

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