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    Textile market out of the off-season dyeing fee rise is imminent

    2020-04-16 16:13 98

    This news out, the word that textile person pays close attention to most is undoubtedly "rise in price" 2 words, rightness rightness, rise in price indeed!According to yesterday, the author learned that the printing and dyeing factory has launched the notice of dyeing fee rise, the average rise of 2 wool, there are also dye factory on the package VAT fee adjustment.


    Received dyeing fee rise notice of the cloth boss, have said that the pressure is very big, the image of himself compared to the plywood, from the two sides of the pressure from the customer and the factory.Upstream raw materials compared with last year has been at a high level, downstream weaving factory prices are also rising, printing and dyeing factory and environmental impact, continue to increase prices.In the rising trend of the entire market, for textile people, it is "extremely nervous."This time, there is a cloth boss in the dye factory to sit down and cry, crying that the cost is too high! 


    Once the dye factory changes the depressed state, the white billet bunches, dyeing fee rise is imminent


    At present has entered the middle of August, the market seems to gradually out of the off-season, ready to meet the "gold nine silver ten".Small make up visited a few dye factories, found that the factory's work more up, a period of time to change the state of the downturn.The factory also began to fill up the empty space, even has been piled up on the road outside the factory.Cloth boss reflected that recently the dye factory work more up, shipment is not as fast as the previous period of time, and began to queue up to urge the situation.Dye factory clerk told small make up, recently the market orders for the majority of goods in September orders will be more.In this way, into the "gold nine silver ten" before this wave up, exactly right.If not now, when?


    Environmental protection is increasingly strict, heavy money to buy equipment, the cost increases


    The impact of the environmental storm on the dyeing factory is undoubtedly that the sewage discharge requirements are stricter, so the dyeing factory has to improve the sewage treatment level, so the cost is also increased.Supporting sewage treatment equipment is essential.At a time when many regions are already restricting companies from applying for permits to discharge pollutants, it is difficult to get eia status.However, in recent years, the production capacity has been in the surplus stage, and the operating rate of enterprises is not high, resulting in a shrinking profit, it is difficult to raise funds to upgrade the production lines of their factories and add environmental protection facilities.For the capital is not enough for the textile enterprises, the only way is to raise dyeing fees.More have an enterprise to introduce from Switzerland without water dye VAT, the high price of each more than 20 million yuan, do not raise dye cost is impossible.


    Dye price adjustment, into the dye fee increase fuse


    The cost of printing and dyeing enterprise raw materials is also rising, not long ago, the mainstream of the leading enterprises in the price of disperse dyes 1000-2000 yuan/ton, disperse black products quoted about 23,000 yuan/ton.Nearly 100 enterprises have stopped production in shangyu industrial park, shaoxing, zhejiang province, due to stricter requirements on environmental protection and production safety.With the launch of the fourth batch of central environmental supervision, small and medium-sized dye-making enterprises may be hit.Zhejiang longsheng, the world's largest dye, has already seen its prices rise because of environmental inspections.The rise in dye cost, may be the direct cause of the rise in dye cost of the contact.


    At present, there is a clear dye fee rise notice of the dye factory is not much, but with the wind price rise is also possible, small make up here to remind the cloth boss, in advance to the customer to play a dye fee rise in preventive injection, let the customer also have a psychological preparation.

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