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    Sleep quality

    2020-04-16 16:13 87

    A good bed for a good night's sleep, let you every day fresh, radiant.How to improve the quality of sleep is also a lot of people spend their whole life in pursuit of and looking for, and with the pace of modern life accelerated, sleep has become a lot of people's ineffable pain.Xiaobian recently found a mattress can let you sleep a good night, sleep trouble can follow xiaobian to see!


    I. appearance observation


    Heritage uluru USES cotton and linen blended ecological fabric, clean and refreshing patterns, rich surface texture.It adopts the exclusive research and development of breathable and comfortable technology, natural fiber has the permeability, increase the permeability of the mattress, do not produce heat and moisture, improve the overall comfort and appearance of attractiveness.


    The side of the mattress is thick and the fabric feels skin-friendly and delicate and gentle.Plain fabric embellished with baroque patterns, elegant and do not lose nobility.As its name suggests, it is to bring quality sleep with a plain face and comfortable experience.According to the small series, uluru mattress also USES elliot dale wool, a cushioning comfort layer, double the comfort, and warm in winter and cool in summer, to ensure natural permeability and comfort.


    Ii. Material evaluation


    Heritage uluru adopts the world's most advanced latex production process. The entire mattress is made of latex. It is a thick mattress made by superimposing six layers of trare latex.The most important thing is that this is the only hand-made mattress in the world that USES latex to beat buckle, zero glue, make the mattress better environmental protection.Natural latex has thousands of tiny network structure vent holes, these holes can be discharged from the human body waste heat and moisture, promote natural ventilation, provide natural air conditioning system.

    Regular arrangement of vent holes can be seen on the latex, small make up with the hand to press on the latex sample, soft to the touch, immediately return to the original after release, will not be deformed and foreign body, very comfortable.


    All latex has obtained oeko-tex certification, the authoritative quality is guaranteed, it is the European Union standard testing standards, the world recognized high gold content certification, certification products in the production process without adding any harmful substances.


    Latex itself has antimicrobial, resistance to dust mites and the characteristics of anti allergic, have allergies users don't have to worry about using beard's mattress can cause allergy symptoms, including asthma and allergy crowd, because of the beard mattress obtained national asthma council Australia "of allergies choose blue butterfly" certification, in order to confirm the product itself without all kinds of mold, bacteria, dust mites and dust mites allergic source.


    Experience test


    The tester is lying on the mattress, we can see from the side of the human line and the mattress is closely fitting, small make up can not be inserted into the waist and the mattress in the gap, it is obvious that the softness and support of the mattress is very strong.

    Evaluation summary: beard inherits uluru mattress, while ensuring environmental protection, the details are more perfect, the appearance of the atmosphere, excellent production, materials are very exquisite.It is worth mentioning that the natural elasticity of latex ensures that the buttocks and shoulders are gently wrapped, reducing excessive pressure, point-to-point support, reducing interference, avoiding tossing and turning during sleep, and ensuring a more relaxed sleep.

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